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Pic mail! Haha, this is amazing! About four days ago, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by heysinderella. She’s such an amazing blogger, and I am honored to be nominated for this award. She gave me a few questions, so here’s my answers.

1. When it comes to blogging, what are you most passionate about?
I’m most passionate about fashion! Although I am taking my time in this area, it is somewhere I aspire to excel in my blogging career. I think there’s so many brands and alternative clothing out here that a lot of people aren’t aware of and I want to be able to put that information out there. I also want to feature retail and beauty entrepreneurs on my blog (stay tuned!)
2. Do you consider blogging an additional career move, or just a personal interest?
Oh, definitely an additional career move. It’s something I want to include in my everyday life. This is definitely a lifestyle for me. I wouldn’t ever put blogging on the back burner for something else.
3. What kind of content do you love create?
I looooove to create makeup/hair hauls. I love finding what works for me at affordable prices and sharing it with others. I have a couple skin care posts up, check them out!
4. Are there blogging genres different from yours that you’d like to try out?
Nope. My blog genres are Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle. All pretty well-rounded considering what I feature on my blog. Those all intertwine with my life. If there’s any genre I’d like to get into, it is Traveling and Food. I have a Food Blog, but it’s still under tight construction!
5. What is your ultimate goal in life?
My ultimate goal in life is to empower women and start my own clothing line! I do believe it is what God called me on this Earth to do. When you feel passionate about something, you have more drive and ambition to complete these tasks than doing anything else.
6. What do you plan to accomplish from your blog?
My upcoming goals for my blog include reaching 500 followers and 8,000 readers by the end of the year, and to have about 2 or 3 Travel posts next summer!
7. If you could tell your readers one thing, what would you tell them?
It would definitely be to follow your dreams. When you do that, you’ll find that THAT is where your happiness lies. Always follow your heart. Block out all negativity and do you boo! Literally! You’ll always fall behind trying to be someone you’re not. Also, invest in yourself. Whether you’re a doctor, painter, makeup artist, etc., invest in your craft.
8. Have you ever thought about creating video content? Why or why not?
Actually, yes! It is in the works as I type, haha. My Youtube channel will launch before this year is over, so please be on the look out!
9. What are your goals before age 30?
I have a lot actually, but my top 5 are: collab with brands/bloggers, get married, start my own clothing line, own my own house, and pay off my college loans!
10. If you could collab with a few bloggers, who would they be?
OMG, definitely my girl heysinderella! I’ve known her since high school and we’ve always clicked, but I didn’t know that we had SO much in common when it comes to blogging and becoming entrepreneurs. In our city, I feel like we could use more people who want to write, blog, and create their own business.
Now this is the part where I get to nominate my fave bloggers!
Mellie King, creator of mellieking
Markesia Barron, creator of markesiabarron
Ashley Craddock, creator of Ashley Avenue
Makayla Mcafee, creator of fashionablykay
Questions for my nominees:
1. Who are you and why do you blog?
2. Which celeb would you love to interview?
3. What is your favorite genre when blogging and why?
4. What is your dream job?
5. What/who inspires you the most to write?
6. How did you start blogging?
7. What would be your ideal working environment?
8. Where would you like to be in blogging five years from now?
9. How would you describe your blogging style?
10. What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?
Again, I just want to thank everyone who has supported me thus far. You guys are incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Published by Charley Moné

I started blogging as an outlet for all of my passions. I love to write. I'll write about anything — from fashion inspo to DIY'S to skin care to life experiences. This blog is dedicated to that. I want to give the world a piece of my mind. There's so much information out there and a lot of my life that I'd love to share. I wish to share all of my thoughts, fashion & beauty takes, college experiences, and beauty tips. Blogging to me is like any type of stress reliever to you. I feel a sense of energy and happiness after releasing a blog post. That feeling is something I hope everyone can experience.

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