2018, The Year of Sacrifices

First, it will feel like a sacrifice. Then, it will feel like the grind. Then, it will feel like life. Then, it will feel like freedom. 


So here I am. 10 in the morning, listening to Jhene Aiko’s “You Are Here” in bed, pajamas, bonnet and all. I’ve been thinking about the new year as of late, and I’d love to share with you my final thoughts of 2017.

I felt as if this year was rough, specifically for me because it was my hardest semester in college. Along with the huge load of school work, came a lot of life changing situations. Through it all, I can say there were various emotions I felt harder than ever before — such as loss, confusion, carelessness, and even freedom.

Looking into the new year, I want to see myself prosper and bloom. Now we all know that wanting to succeed is a universal goal for everyone going into the new year. But what is it actually going to take?

Looking back, I’ve always wanted to succeed, but if I really think about it… I always wanted more for myself but didn’t put in the necessary time and attention for it. Thats why I say that 2018 is the year for sacrifice.

First, it will feel like a sacrifice. Then, it will feel like the grind.

I feel this in many ways. One of my goals is to become more dedicated to Youtube. I fell off very bad this year and I want to use my weekends to create content. Now when it comes to weekends, all I want to do is relax.

Ever heard that saying, work now and rest later? I’m young, in my 20’s, and I feel like I should be using my 20’s to my advantage. 10 years from now, I see myself still working hard but already having a solid foundation. And to have that, I need to hustle like never before. As Obama says,

GIF image-A2E79D2D706C-1

A lot of it. I want to be able to say that in my 20’s, I DID THAT!! I did the damn thing!

Create a list

One thing I’ve started to do to prepare for the new year is create a list of goals. These goals are long term and short term. These goals include financial, business, education, and personal well-being categories! I’ll share some,


  • save $30+ a week
  • Pay $10 to my credit card every week
  • save $1000 by the end of the year

One thing I kept in mind is that I have to be realistic. My initial goal was to save 3k. now, knowing my spending habits and just who I am as a person, I knew that that wasn’t going to happen! a thousand a year is reasonable for me because again, I’m in school and I have to pay rent.

Create a goals board

Here’s another idea to go along with your list. Create a goals board. Its very simple and very cheap. Just grab you some sticky notes, a sharpie, and a poster board. Write out your goals on the sticky notes and post them on the poster board. When completed, take the sticky note down and tally your completed goals. By the end of the year, look back and see how many goals you’ve completed!

Leave 2017 behind

You heard me! Those hardships, that awful job, messy situations, backstabbing friends, whatever it is that didn’t make you happy.. leave. it. in. 2017. Choose to flourish, choose to prosper, choose to be the best you in 2018.

One thing I’ve learned in 2017 and am so so so thankful for, is that I realized my worth. If this hasn’t happened for you yet, believe me when I say it’s coming. And on God’s time. Before 2017, I was a wreck. I let certain things affect me and certain people use me. God let a lot of things happen to me, just so that I could get to this point in life now and say this:

That moment you realize your worth, your whole life will change in a positive way. I’ve learned that it is okay to be selfish at times and it is okay to drop whatever or whoever it is that is hindering you from living your best life. You were thinking about others more than yourself, and that was the problem. It is okay to put yourself first. I’ve also realized that it is okay to do things that make you happy! Learn to only care about your opinion only. It’s the only one that matters! When I decided to let those things go and do things that I love, I became a person I was able to love. And THAT became my foundation for everything else I wanted to do in my life.

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A word, by yours truly…




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I started blogging as an outlet for all of my passions. I love to write. I'll write about anything — from fashion inspo to DIY'S to skin care to life experiences. This blog is dedicated to that. I want to give the world a piece of my mind. There's so much information out there and a lot of my life that I'd love to share. I wish to share all of my thoughts, fashion & beauty takes, college experiences, and beauty tips. Blogging to me is like any type of stress reliever to you. I feel a sense of energy and happiness after releasing a blog post. That feeling is something I hope everyone can experience.

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