Guest Post February | Self Love

Dear Self,

Don’t neglect the responsibility of nurturing yourself. Your existence and imprint as the woman you’re daily developing and blossoming becoming is irreplaceable, unmatchable, and needed. Love the heck out of yourself, just as God loves you.


Author, Widny L.

I am beyond thrilled, ecstatic, and honored to have been given the opportunity to speak on self-love. Not to mention the fact that this is an area which I have neglected for years, and prevented myself from receiving/giving love, appreciation, embracement; and the relentless power of choosing myself even at the worst painful, confused, questionable moments in my life. I’ve learned and I am still in the process of understanding daily that self-love isn’t just embracing the good parts of you that you’re proud of or others have been fond of; but also taking the time out to love the gooey, flawed, authentic version of yourself and investing time into growing and changing anything about you that would be for the better.

Loving a false you will not heal nor bring out the best version of yourself. When you fall in love with the real you, you’re an unstoppable, unshakeable, undaunted woman in the face of anything that may come against you to question your identity as a woman and as a child of God.

I believe there are many ways a woman can cherish, speak words of affirmation about, and appreciate herself wherever she may find herself in life: in and out of seasons, in her highs and lows, the good the bad, and the ugly; or on valentine’s day as a single or with a significant other… etc. Her self-love should be shown, given as a gift to herself no matter what the circumstances are.

There are a couple of things that I have been implementing more and more of, to the degree that it has become a lifestyle. Why? Because I believe a healthy woman is a growing and fruitful woman. But here’s one thing I’d like to share that can be broken into multiple parts but we will only speak of as one:

Be proactive in your time alone.

It’s our responsibility to nurture the woman you are growing into. No one else can cultivate you the way YOU can. I’ve failed miserably countless of times when I neglected and robbed myself by not choosing to utilize my time alone to discover Widny (you may add your name here also), walk in purpose, practicing to perfect my craft, have a day off to rest, disconnecting myself from social media to properly refocus, investing my heart and mind into things or people that are healthy; and, most importantly, seeing myself the way God sees me. We lose a piece of ourselves ladies when we don’t empower and invest. It will be very difficult to celebrate the next woman who’s popping and flourishing in their lane without being a hater; becoming bitter and envious of her.

When you take care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, everything around you falls into its proper place. And ladies; correct me if I am wrong, but when you take care of yourself (and I am not referring to any materialistic possessions, titles, status), you glow differently; inner peace and joy becomes your GLOW.

Happy Valentine’s day, ladies!!!

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I started blogging as an outlet for all of my passions. I love to write. I'll write about anything — from fashion inspo to DIY'S to skin care to life experiences. This blog is dedicated to that. I want to give the world a piece of my mind. There's so much information out there and a lot of my life that I'd love to share. I wish to share all of my thoughts, fashion & beauty takes, college experiences, and beauty tips. Blogging to me is like any type of stress reliever to you. I feel a sense of energy and happiness after releasing a blog post. That feeling is something I hope everyone can experience.

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