Charley Turns 21! | Birthday Look Book

Hey babes! I’m back again with another look book. This past weekend, I celebrated my birthday (April 6th) with my closest friends. I’ve officially turned 21 and couldn’t be happier (no more fake IDs!)


As If


Top & Bottom: Fashion Nova | Bra: La Suenza | Shoes: Charlotte Russe | Watch: Francesca’s

This fit is definitely one for the bookstore me. Total 2018 School Girl. I didn’t think the skirt would look as good as it does on me! The quality is amazing, if I may add. I paired the plaid skirt with a black mesh long-sleeved crop top with a black bra underneath, and single-soled heels. The fur cuff around the ankle added some flare to the fit.

Rose Gold Glitz & Glamorous


Dress: Fashion Nova| Heels: Charlotte Russe

I wore this fit on my actual birthday!  I fell in LOVE. This dress fit perfect to a T, and I got it in an XS. The dress is detailed with rose gold sequences in diamond patterns on the black material which I’m unsure of. I was fortunate enough to find rose gold shoes that matched this dress!

Sexy in Satin


Dress: Fashion Nova | Heels: Charlotte Russe | Choker: Forever 21

I loved this little black dress. The slit in the dress gave it a sexier appeal, but that is exactly what I was going for! It was easy to dance in and was comfortably snug on my body. It comes with a zipper on the side for easier try-on (don’t be like me and try to fit yourself in the dress without unzipping it because you will get stuck!) I paired this fit with a jumbo gold choker, small gold hoops, and gold glittery eyes with a red lip.


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