#OnTheBlog | 9 Month No Heat Challenge, NYC Trip, Youtube Channel

Happy August, loves! May this month bring you prosperity in all aspects of life. May God turn all of your can'ts into cans, your confusion into clarity, your stress into peace, and your burdens into blessings!  9 Month No Heat Challenge August 1st started my 9 Month No Heat Challenge — a whole school year. I [...]

Finding Yourself and Your Purpose

Finding Yourself + Your Purpose Finding yourself is not a walk in the park, and it might take you longer than others to do so and that is completely okay. I really didn't 'try' to find my purpose until I got into college and realized that life is really moving and I eventually have to [...]

Discover My Blog: The Liebster Award

  Pic mail! Haha, this is amazing! About four days ago, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by heysinderella. She's such an amazing blogger, and I am honored to be nominated for this award. She gave me a few questions, so here's my answers. 1. When it comes to blogging, what are you most [...]

Best Drugstore Skincare For Dry + Sensitive Skin

Hey loves, happy Tuesday! I'm here to talk to you today about the best drugstore skincare products out there for [extremely] dry and sensitive skin. Now I know skincare products can be expensive. You don't have to do have an expensive skincare regimen to achieve clear and hydrated skin! If you read my latest blog [...]

Fashion Trend: Off The Shoulder

What's In: Off the shoulder. Off-the-shoulder tops are pretty much everywhere you turn. The summer trend has evolved into a huge phenomenon, as women of all shapes and sizes are sporting this style and have been now for months! Many retailers are stocking up on this popular trend — from crop tops, dresses, fashion tops, rompers, [...]

Relationship Closure // Is It Really Worth Getting?

Hey ladies. Let's talk about relationship closure for a minute. Too many of us have been in relation[situation]ships that didn't work out as planned. You meet someone, you start spending lots of time with them and confiding in them, then next thing you know, that really amazing dream is over. Don't think you're alone, I [...]

10 Detox Water Recipes to Cleanse Your Body!

Hey #StyleIslandBloggers, recently I've been trying to turn my life around. I'm becoming more productive, handling my business, learning self-love tactics, and just learning to control my happiness and faith. With that, being able to make healthy choices when it comes to what goes into my body has been a top priority for me. I've [...]

Fashion Trend: Palazzo Pants 

So this is last night's look. Some friends and I went strolling through downtown Cleveland, OH. The scenery was beautiful! We visited the Corner Alley and Barrio. I got some delicious bacon tacos (yes, bacon) and a strawberry margarita! Palazzo pants for women first became a popular trend in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The style [...]