My December Essentials

As we enter the cold season, I’d like to share with you all my December essentials. These are products/items I have for everyday usage! Whether I’m going on a trip, getting ready for class, or taking a mini shopping trip.. I’ll always have these babies on.

2272543Japonesque Color Liquid Light | $28

This liquid highlighter does wonders for your skin. I use it when its one of those days where I don’t want to put on a full face, but still want some glow. You can pick this up at Ulta Beauty! I like it because it blends well with my skin and foundation, and keeps it hydrated as well as shimmery. Also, its not greasy on the skin.


10552547-1382087024-388747Benefit Cosmetics ”They’re Real!” Lengthening Mascara | $24

The holy grail of mascaras. This purchase was off impulse and has changed my mascara game ever since! I wear it literally every day, with or without makeup. It doesn’t form clumps on my eyelashes and it you don’t need to apply a lot for your eye lashes to pop out. Find it at Ulta Beauty.

9005813_fpxApple Watch Series 2 33mm | $250+

I’m not going anywhere without my Apple Watch on! Lots of people say its a pointless purchase, but I love being able to look and reply to my messages and even get notifications without looking at my phone. It’s handy for me, being a college student. It keeps me focused and away from my phone during class time!


img-thingForever 21 Cable Knit Pom Pom Beanie | $5

Perfect for the winter, fall, and a bad hair day. I’ve worn this hat almost every day since it’s gotten colder and I don’t feel bad about it! I believe the pom pom beanies are cute and in style as well. I’d suggest getting a white and black one. Neutral colored accessories during the colder seasons are a necessity.

Maybelline-Lip-Gloss-Lip-Studio-Shine-Shot-Glassy-Topcoat-041554459869-CMaybelline Shine Shot Lip Topcoat | $5

Hands down the best clear gloss I’ve ever bought! It’s definitely worth upgrading from the clear gloss at the hair store that is super sticky and somehow starts drooping out after a few weeks of using it. I’m always down for a glossy lip because its perfect for when you don’t want to wear makeup! I use this to put over a matte lipstick or pair it with a lip liner as well. It’s very versatile and definitely an everyday essential.

zoom_b244692779b49c9fe6c593698d51e191ebb5dc3d_1501749834_26163_Fenty_KillawattFreestyleHighlighterDuoGirlNextNextDoorChicPhreak_WEBFenty Beauty Killawat Freestyle Highlighter | $34

I got this highlighter in the shades Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule. These shimmers are very coppery, which goes well with my medium to dark skin tone. I also love it because it’s very glitzy and is very light weight, as to the Trophy Wife which is very heavy and only has one shade of shimmer.


All of these items are ones I cannot go through a regular winter or fall day without! The beauty products I listed are amazing because a little of it will go a long way. Fenty Beauty, Benefit Cosmetics, and Maybelline are great cosmetic lines for women of color, along with some others. What are your November essentials?


21 Questions with Kris Hilton

charley4Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve written but today I’m here to share with you a dear friend of mine. Let’s talk about Kris. I met Kris in New York over the past summer at a greek picnic. After having one conversation, we saw that we had a lot of similar interests, one being that we were from the same city. Kris Hilton is a fashion stylist from Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve gotten the chance to interview Kris on his styling experience and expertise. Take a look!

1. At what age did you start becoming fascinated with fashion? 
I’d always had a love for fashion, but once I got into high school I began to take it seriously. I HATED the way everyone dressed and wanted to do different from everyone else.
2. How did you prepare for a career in fashion?
I started indulging in different industries my junior year of high school. I started off Designing, then went into Modeling. I wasn’t crazy about either of those and found that my real niche was Fashion Styling. It gave me more of way to express my creativity. I then began interning for several different companies and gaining my skills from hands-on experiences and used that to kick start my career.
3. What is your dream job?
My dream job entails working for myself. I promised myself I would never work a “job” anymore, my passion is now my career.
4. What are your plans for the future?
My plans for the future include opening up 3 StyledByKHilton showrooms (Cleveland, Atlanta, Los Angeles) that will include exclusive pieces from independent designers from all over. The showrooms will be open exclusively for fashion stylists & college students with fashion majors.
5. Where do you see yourself taking your styling career?

The sky is the limit. I want to focus more on the business aspect of my career. Yes, I love styling and working 1-on-1 with my clients, but the coin is in the business aspect. Open showrooms, open boutiques, manage a team. That’s my goal!

6. Favorite fashion designer?Image 11-14-17 at 1.04 PM (2)
My favorite designer is Karl Lagerfeld. The very first fashion show I saw was Chanel F/W ’09/’10. The presentation itself amazed me in so many ways and really sparked my interest to indulge deeper into the industry. Since then I have discovered and followed the works of Viktor & Rolf, Alexander Wang, Gareth Pugh, Balmain, Rick Owens, Y3, & Versace.
7. How do you go about styling your clients?

Every client is different. so every approach is different. Through my website, you can book my services directly. There is a section for you to explain your needs and we go about the consultation from there.

8. What is the essential accessory of Fall 2017?

I’m still obsessed with the male clutch. It’s a popular accessory in the New York fashion scene. I think it’s perfect for a night out. Especially for people like myself! I carry a million things in my pockets. Having a stylish clutch to compliment your outfit and contain everything you carry on you is a win win!

9. How do you describe your style?

My style is classic & clean. Even though it’s extremely versatile, all my looks maintain a clean gentlemen image. It’s always been my favorite style, I look and feel my best when I step out clean!

10. What is the most treasured item in your closet and why?

All my ties are my treasure pieces. They all have a unique story behind them, and usually when I have to wear a tie another story is probably in the works of being made.

Image 11-14-17 at 1.03 PM11. You’d never be caught dead wearing what?

Keep the fanny packs. I see it’s made a comeback and popular brands such as BAPE, Supreme, Gucci, Etc. have designed a new take on the fanny pack. Whether it’s worn cross body or around the waist, I’ll pass on it.

12. You can never travel without..?

I can never travel without my Carmex, my phone, & charger. I feel like if I were to ever be stranded somewhere, those are the ESSENTIALS I would need to survive.

13. What are you dying to buy next?

I think it’s time for a new designer duffel bag. I’m excited for my 2018 travels and I always like to travel in style. So my next investment will definitely be another bag.

14. If you had to style one celebrity (male), who would it be and why?

Big Sean! He has always been one of my favorite style influencers. His versatility is similar to mine so I feel like he would be fun and easy to work with..

15. The celebrity most in need of a fashion make over is…?

Someone please help Remy Ma. PLEASE. She’s trying to make a comeback and needs help in all aspects. I can’t help her!

16. Your favorite beauty essential is?Image 11-14-17 at 1.03 PM (1)

I always need my translucent powder. It keeps a matte finish on my eyebrows and foundation and keeps my face smooth and oil free.

17. If you had to style one celebrity (female), who would it be and why?

I would love the chance to work with Cardi B. Her 2017 glow up and transformation is amazing. She has nice style but could definitely use a few pointers. Her energy is also amazing, which is important when working with clients. I love to click with my clients both on a personal and professional level.

18. What are your strengths?

Commitment, honesty, promptness, and professionalism.

19. What are your weaknesses?

Constant reassurance. I always need 2nd opinions or reassurance. I wouldn’t really consider that a BAD weakness but It can get in the way sometimes.

Image 11-14-17 at 1.04 PM20. What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is my form of expression. When I look good, I feel good. I love the way an outfit can make me feel.

21. Do you think there is a difference between fashion and style? 

I always have and will forever live by this quote by Edna Woodman: “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.”

I agree with Kris when he said he couldn’t live without his charger and cellphone! If you would like to talk to Kris for any inquiries, you can contact him at:
Instagram: @styledbykhilton