What My 30 Day Social Media Cleanse Taught Me | Welcome 2018!


Hi guys! Its been literally, 30 days since I’ve blogged (actually a bit more). Remember when everyone thought the world was going to end in 2012? Who would’ve thought that we would make it to see 2018?? God is extremely merciful and an awesome God. As the year started, I decided to give myself a break from social media so that I can clear my mind and start this year off with a new way of thinking. We all know that social media can be such an influence on our way of thinking and our everyday lives.

It’s Not Easy

First of all, DO NOT think that this challenge was easy for me. As a blogger & beauty influencer, I can tell you right now… it hurt my poor soul to give social media up. I couldn’t post any makeup looks, couldn’t express my thoughts via tweets, couldn’t keep up with my friends’ everyday lives on Snapchat, etc. I can say though, in the beginning I was so determined to do this. The first two weeks weren’t that bad, but as things started to happen in my life, I couldn’t express how I felt like I could before — via the internet.

Use Your Time Wisely

What did I do instead of browsing social media you ask? I read books, played games, hung out with my friends, I even got a chance to plan my entire semester out. I made myself a workout plan, a daily planner, a budget plan, and a business plan. Believe it or not, this helped me realize how much time I ACTUALLY spend on the internet. When I eliminated it completely, I realized how much free time I had to do other things like some of the activities I listed above. Even just cherishing those times with those you love without having to reach for your phone.. its a completely different experience.

Jesus Confirmed It!

My relationship with God got so much stronger. I cannot stress this enough. Instead of expressing my thoughts on the internet, I confided in Him. When I talked to God, it was almost like writing in a diary. Whenever I had an idea, I talked to God about it and the next thing I know, He’ll confirm my thoughts. I felt so much pain, sadness, anger, and negative vibes go away after “writing in my diary”. Staying away from the internet in my tough times and just talking to Him gave me so much confidence. It confirmed success over everything I planned to do this year!



So moving forward.. what did I gain from this that I can take into the new year? With all of this time on my hands, I was able to plan for my future. As a bit of encouragement, I say this…

“Faith without work, is dead.” – James 2:20

Once God does His part, We must do our part! I hope this post gives you some encouragement on spending more time with God and yourself, and motivates you to focus on your success!





2018, The Year of Sacrifices

First, it will feel like a sacrifice. Then, it will feel like the grind. Then, it will feel like life. Then, it will feel like freedom. 


So here I am. 10 in the morning, listening to Jhene Aiko’s “You Are Here” in bed, pajamas, bonnet and all. I’ve been thinking about the new year as of late, and I’d love to share with you my final thoughts of 2017.

I felt as if this year was rough, specifically for me because it was my hardest semester in college. Along with the huge load of school work, came a lot of life changing situations. Through it all, I can say there were various emotions I felt harder than ever before — such as loss, confusion, carelessness, and even freedom.

Looking into the new year, I want to see myself prosper and bloom. Now we all know that wanting to succeed is a universal goal for everyone going into the new year. But what is it actually going to take?

Looking back, I’ve always wanted to succeed, but if I really think about it… I always wanted more for myself but didn’t put in the necessary time and attention for it. Thats why I say that 2018 is the year for sacrifice.

First, it will feel like a sacrifice. Then, it will feel like the grind.

I feel this in many ways. One of my goals is to become more dedicated to Youtube. I fell off very bad this year and I want to use my weekends to create content. Now when it comes to weekends, all I want to do is relax.

Ever heard that saying, work now and rest later? I’m young, in my 20’s, and I feel like I should be using my 20’s to my advantage. 10 years from now, I see myself still working hard but already having a solid foundation. And to have that, I need to hustle like never before. As Obama says,

GIF image-A2E79D2D706C-1

A lot of it. I want to be able to say that in my 20’s, I DID THAT!! I did the damn thing!

Create a list

One thing I’ve started to do to prepare for the new year is create a list of goals. These goals are long term and short term. These goals include financial, business, education, and personal well-being categories! I’ll share some,


  • save $30+ a week
  • Pay $10 to my credit card every week
  • save $1000 by the end of the year

One thing I kept in mind is that I have to be realistic. My initial goal was to save 3k. now, knowing my spending habits and just who I am as a person, I knew that that wasn’t going to happen! a thousand a year is reasonable for me because again, I’m in school and I have to pay rent.

Create a goals board

Here’s another idea to go along with your list. Create a goals board. Its very simple and very cheap. Just grab you some sticky notes, a sharpie, and a poster board. Write out your goals on the sticky notes and post them on the poster board. When completed, take the sticky note down and tally your completed goals. By the end of the year, look back and see how many goals you’ve completed!

Leave 2017 behind

You heard me! Those hardships, that awful job, messy situations, backstabbing friends, whatever it is that didn’t make you happy.. leave. it. in. 2017. Choose to flourish, choose to prosper, choose to be the best you in 2018.

One thing I’ve learned in 2017 and am so so so thankful for, is that I realized my worth. If this hasn’t happened for you yet, believe me when I say it’s coming. And on God’s time. Before 2017, I was a wreck. I let certain things affect me and certain people use me. God let a lot of things happen to me, just so that I could get to this point in life now and say this:

That moment you realize your worth, your whole life will change in a positive way. I’ve learned that it is okay to be selfish at times and it is okay to drop whatever or whoever it is that is hindering you from living your best life. You were thinking about others more than yourself, and that was the problem. It is okay to put yourself first. I’ve also realized that it is okay to do things that make you happy! Learn to only care about your opinion only. It’s the only one that matters! When I decided to let those things go and do things that I love, I became a person I was able to love. And THAT became my foundation for everything else I wanted to do in my life.

GIF image-082EF06B2FC7-1

A word, by yours truly…





A necessity in 2017! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time we stop accepting everything that is thrown at us. Not all of it is good and if we’re being honest… we’re only getting older! We don’t have time to waste on people and things that aren’t giving us the happiness and peace we deserve. Time is limited. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

Be wary of time wasters

During the summer, I finally got the grasp of this concept. I’m sure you’ve all experienced this as well. When school is out is when your inbox starts to fill up with “lets work” and “lets link up” people who never fall through. People can be time wasters. Those candidates who swarm your inbox with “text me” and not “when are you free?” are time wasters. Beware of those who make the same mistakes over and over again. THEY are the they that DJ Khaled was talking about! They don’t want you to succeed or change. They want you to stay in your repetitive cycle of stagnant situations. They don’t want to see you at peace or prosper!

Learn to say no

If you say “yes” to every request, you will never have any time for yourself. Get super protective about your time, and say “no” to everything that will effect your life in a negative way. It’s okay to say no sometimes. It isn’t rude or ignorant. It’s just you saving time for yourself and that is completely okay!

Do what makes you happy

As cheesy and original as it sounds, this is the most effective thing you can do when wanting to reclaim your time. Use your time wisely, and when I say this, do what is going to keep you happy. A time at peace and joy is never a time wasted. That blog? Start it. That book you’ve been dying to read? Read it! That idea? Get it out there! Whatever your gift is, put it to use!

Cut out distractions

What is there around your workspace that distracts you from the task at hand? Sometimes it’s visual clutter, or papers lying around that call for your attention and action, or emails on your computer that pop up at the wrong time, or the phone, or coworkers. See if you can eliminate as many of these as possible — the more you can focus, the more effective you’ll be and the less time you’ll waste. That equals time saved for the good stuff!

How will you reclaim your time?

Read one of my older posts to learn about ways to detox your life.



DOTW | Living an Unfiltered Life

“Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” – 1 Peter 3:3-4

We live in a filtered world. A world that no longer accepts reality and instead demands that women and men master the charade. We live in a world where people are self-absorbed and self conscious more than anything. We like to play roles that don’t fit who we truly are to match what’s expected of us. We live for pleasing others before ourselves and yearning for acceptance. Think of this question: who are you?

No but really, who are you? The real you — your unapologetic self. The one who is happy with the way he lives and how he views hisself. Did you forget that you were made in God’s image? (Gen. 1:27) If you’re having trouble figuring this out and need guidance, pray this:

Lord, help me live an authentic life. Help me see where my true beauty and worth lie – in being a child of the Most High God. Help me have the unfading beauty of a gentle spirit. Thank you for valuing me so much that you sent Jesus to die for me. Thank you that you take what is broken and ugly in me – my sin – and wash me white as snow. Help me live to glorify you, not myself.

In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.




How I Plan to Live Out My 20’s

Before I go onto my spiel, I would like to give homage to the beautiful illustrations in this post. Nicholle is a visual artist/illustrator from Paris, France. Her work is amazing! Check out her work via Instagram [@nichollekobi] or nichollekobi.comimg_4842


On April 6, 1997, a QUEEN was born! Now that I can say that I’m officially apart of the dub club, I’ve gotten a stronger urge to go after the things I want. When it comes to my career and education, I want to excel in my college department and also the workplace to the best of my ability.

Education & Career

My college career has been a rollercoaster the past two years. I switched my major twice and through that process I realized what I really loved and wanted to do. I am an aspiring entrepreneur who loves fashion. I love traveling. Why not take those interests and turn it into my career? I want that feeling of loving to work on Mondays and weekends. I want others to feel confident in what they’re wearing. The #1 tip that helped me? DON’T WASTE ANOTHER DOLLAR SITTING IN A BIO CLASS WHEN ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS DRAW OR PAINT. Think about what excites and energizes you, but also keep in mind what you’re good at. If you’re really passionate about what you do, I promise, THE MONEY WILL COME TO YOU.

A few weeks ago, I got offered an amazing position as a stylist and manager for a boutique around my hometown. I could not be more grateful. For years I’ve had a few retail jobs that never really suited my persona but helped me gain the retail and sales experience that I needed to get the position I have now. The pay is amazing, which is a plus. When you’re doing something you love, the amount of money you get payed for it shouldn’t be a qualifier if you stay in the field or not. You’re doing this because YOU love to do it. Nonetheless, don’t settle for less when it comes to how much you charge or get paid – know your worth!img_4832

God has blessed me in abundance! I plan on moving forward from here on out. In 5 years, I want to take my career to New York, then Miami! I want to own my own swim wear line and have many boutiques across the U.S. and hopefully expand. I also want to become an expert in visual merchandising and become the head of that department for a high end fashion brand. By the end of this year, I plan to have 300 followers on this here platform. Blogging has become such a special part of my life and I don’t plan on ever getting rid of it. Remember… the way you think and feel about yourself, including your beliefs and expectations about what is possible for you, determines everything that happens to you.

Physical Wellness

img_4837“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” – Steve Jobs

With some of my free time during this semester, I decided to dedicate some time to the gym. It worked for the past few weeks in the beginning, only going two days a week. As the semester went on I found myself becoming lazy and uninterested in the gym and more interested in taking naps! I had to shake this off. So I started giving myself a routine schedule for the gym, which worked out perfectly. It made me more consistent.

Going to the gym made me want to go the extra mile and start eating a bit healthier. Baby steps! I started eating more greens with EVERY meal. I even made time to eat breakfast in the morning, which I never really do because I can’t find the time. I MADE TIME. It’s important to make time for the things you want to do and I promise you it’ll make you feel better about life while you’re also making an effort to have better time management skills. When I work out, I feel rejuvenated. Exercising is probably one of the top stress relievers on my list. And even with eating healthier, its become easier for me to concentrate when studying. I want this aspect of my life to grow in my 20’s. I want to make exercising and eating healthy apart of my everyday life.

Friends, Family, & Relationships

Can I just say that I adore and thank my friends so dearly. If there’s anyone I can count on, it’s them. I never took the saying ‘you meet some of your closest friends in college’ seriously until it actually happened to me. My girls and I are flourishing I tell you! And I couldn’t be more proud. They keep me sane and in check when need be. They’re always there for me whenever I need them and the most supportive people I’ve met yet. We all have different aspirations in life and we’re all reaching our goals at our own pace. In our 20’s, hopefully we can plan some getaways. Get away from our responsibilities for a while and spend more time exploring the world and doing different things. I’ve always wanted to go on a camping trip, bungee jumping, parachuting… the list goes on. I look forward to seeing my friends graduate, build their career, find their soul mates and get married, have children, move into their first home, etc.

Anyone who’s been around my family knows that we are very loving and family oriented. We host a lot of family events like cookouts and get-togethers literally all of the time. My grandpa always says that family is so important and some of the closest relationships you’ll ever have. I hope the generation in my family can keep this alive. The get-togethers, prayer meetings, cookouts, parties… family bonding time is an essential part of my life.

Throughout my 20’s, I don’t plan to look for love but let it find me. I hope to become the person God has destined for me to be so that when the time comes, I’m ready and prepared. img_4833Do I think I’ve already found my soul mate? Possibly. But God’s timing is always better than mine and RIGHT ON TIME. It’s sad to say that most of my heart break has happened before my 20’s but I’m glad that it did. I’m wiser and more aware. I won’t stress or worry because I know that God is preparing this man for the future and saving him just for me. The husband and family will come, but in the meantime my growth as a person will progress. My goals will consistently be accomplished and the glo will continue to manifest!



But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”

Galations 5:22-23