Guest Post February | Finishing the Race!

Author, Ashanti Chanel
Finishing the Race

You ever feel so stuck and discouraged? It’s like you’ve gotten yourself into this race you’ve created and now you can’t even jump over the hurdles. You see everyone around you accomplish their goals and you’re wondering where is my finish line? You’ve been running toward your dreams for years and It seems like you’re not getting any closer. The funny thing about life is we always see how long something takes but we never see how far we’ve actually come.

We’ve all got our passions and when we are trying to pursue them it’s so many constant reminders of “This is impossible!” “You can’t go that high.” “You’ll never make It to the finish line!” But it’s also that burning feeling in our bodies that’s telling us “This is what you love!” “You gotta give It your all even if you don’t win!”

It’s so easy to give yourself reasons of why you should give up but it’s so hard to realize why you should stay. Take a step back and ask yourself, “Why did I start this?” Was it for the world or was It for me? When you’re racing for the world, you lose yourself trying to win. You become what the “worlds winner” is suppose to be. Prideful, boastful, and you lose everything in the process. You lose the reason of why you started this in the beginning and you lose it in the end. When you race for you sometimes you have to walk alone, you have to struggle on your own. Others won’t understand why you do what you do. Not even your family and friends, but it’s not for them to understand. It’s for you and God to understand.

When he placed that fire in you, he didn’t place it in there for you to satisfy others with in, therefore the world won’t always agree with it. This hurdle that you’re dealing with right now in your life wants to stop you from finishing the race, but I need you to endure through it all. God created you with a purpose. He gave you a beautiful gift and even though sometimes It seems like nothing is working out in the natural, you better believe he’s cooking up something in the spiritual.

You may not even realize it but you’re closer to the finish line than you were yesterday, you’re closer to your breakthrough than you were yesterday.

You’re closer to finishing the race

Love, Shanti